Part 13b – The Foundation for Water’s Work 

Welcome to this final article of our Foundation for Water’s series on the Creative Secrets of Water.  In this article we will look at what we do in the Foundation for Water, and what our future plans are. The mission of the Foundation for Water is to ‘help water support life’.  Our nature intelligence motto is ‘learn from nature […]

Part 13a – The Unique Invention of Flowforms 

The Foundation for Water’s mission is simply to ‘help water support life’. Water really needs this help physically as well as energetically, and we have a number of ways of doing this. But first let us look at some of our history. The Foundation for Water is actually the continuation of work to help water that was started in 1960 […]

Part 12c – Water and the Future 

Welcome to this third of the ‘Water and the Future’ section of Foundation for Water’s water series. I trust you have found these as interesting as I have found them to write! I know the future looks grim regarding water, and that this concern is new to many of us, but first we must know the facts. Only then […]

Part 12b – Water and the Future 

Welcome again to this 2nd part of Water and the Future, in the Foundation for Water series, the Creative Secrets of Water. Uses and Abuses of Fresh Water Picking up on the fact that agriculture, in its task to feed us all, uses 70% of humanity’s fresh water supply, it follows that  it is agriculture that should […]

Part 12a – Water and the Future 

Welcome again to our series of articles about water. In this we consider the future of fresh water on our planet. There will be three email parts to this larger subject, arriving in your mail box every 3rd day for just over a week. The news is rather grim but with a real will a huge amount […]

Part 11 – Water, Maintaining Life. 

As well as water helping create the living bodies of all creatures and plants through its rhythmical forming and the reception of intelligent information, it also has a metabolic function of dissolving and carrying nutrients throughout nature. Therefore, water transports many nutrients to all living things to drink, both in the seas and through fresh water flow on the land. As […]

Part 10 – Water and the Creation of Life 

To summarize so far, we have read about water behaving differently to other liquids in ways that makes life on earth possible, how it moves through various water cycles and going further afield, how it is found throughout the known universe. We also considered that if we transform our thinking to be life centered in way water is, then […]

Part 9 – Water’s Creative Rhythms 

We often hear the statement – ‘wherever there is life, there is water’. But there is more to this than we often realize. Behind life and water there is always rhythm. Leonardo da Vinci, amongst others, noted that life is carried on the waves of rhythm, and this article explains how wateris used to carry […]

Part 8 – Water, Flowing with Time 

Let us further consider the living information that water carries with it, wherever it goes, keeping up with nature’s changing cosmic and local frequency messages. Water continues to collect this sensitive and changing information as time forever moves on. In the last article we found water can carry huge amounts of information, radiating from surprisingly long and numerous molecular ‘cluster structures’ […]

Part 7 – Water, Living Information 

Water is more than just a wet liquid! It is also a fabulously sensitive medium for information exchange. We know that cells within every living body communicate with each other, through frequency exchanges that have biochemical effects. This is one of the most important ways that a body stays alive and healthy. There is an intelligence operating throughout each […]