Part 6 – Water, Throughout the Universe 

Last email, we talked about thinking needing to be more in tune with nature, so we can invent technologies that are in harmony with nature. In a manner of speaking, we need living water-thinking instead of dead rock-thinking. If we learn a more living thinking from nature then our inventions will be like nature, alive and harmonic! And we […]

Part 5 – Water, a Guide to Better Technology. 

In this article we will see how we can develop new inventions in tune with nature, by changing our thinking so it is flows more like water, harmonising itself with nature.  So, we know that nature is rebelling and we cannot carry on using polluting technologies. But it is not the pollution that is the […]

Part 4 – Water, Always Moving. 

Welcome again to this fourth article on water, where we see how water moves about our planet in remarkable ways. I hope you are enjoying finding out some of the secrets of this amazing element we are so dependent on. OK, so lets visualise water traveling around the earth. It starts with the sun’s warmth lifting up […]

Part 3 – Water’s Extraordinary Behavior 

This is a continuation of the last email about the very unusual behavior of water, and how this extraordinary substance gives living nature a chance of occurring! Last email we talked about water and its relationship to warmth and cold, to temperature. We noted that without water being surprisingly different to what physicists and chemists would have predicted, […]

Part 2 – Water, an Astounding Substance 

Welcome to our second article on water. In this we will see that water is a most unusual substance, and on this depends the life of the planet. For water is an astounding substance.While being easily the most common element on our planet, water behaves in a most unusual way, doing quite different things to what one […]

Part 1 – Water’s Amazing Secrets. 

Thanks for your interest in our informative program about water, the substance that is central to all life on earth as the essence of nature. Here is your first article in our series, introducing some of the amazing secrets of water. In this series of brief articles we will learn surprising things about water, why […]