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SCHOOL OF WATER // events & courses

The profound understanding of water and its vital importance to nature

23 Aug 2018, 19:00
23 Aug 2018, 19:00
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17 Apr 2023, 09:00
School of Water is moving; its still just a trickle. 


The Rhythmic Power of Water- A journey into the profound capacities of water                                                                                                                         £££

A weekend workshop with Paul van Dijk

Renew your relationship to water, the most fundamental element in nature, through fascinating discoveries and experiments. Through water and its rhythms all living forms are not only created but also their lives are maintained – for without water nothing can live. How does water move? What is its essential nature? How does life come into being through water?

Metamorphosis- the Language of Creative Spirit                                                            £££

A weekend course with Paul van Dijk

The caterpillar turns into the butterfly. The seed develops into the flowering plant. That’s radical transformation, metamorphosis. Life is movement, development. That requires continuous transformation through different stages, and renewing oneself at every stage.

Think Like Nature- get an intimate understanding of life forces in Spring                          £££

A weekend course with Paul van Dijk

In Spring we can observe an overwhelming revolution in plant life: out of Winter’s apparent death, there develop living, complex compositions of form and colour, with apparent purpose. How does that manifest? Which forces are working? And what “organizes” these changes? To discover some answers to these questions, we need to enter into Nature’s open secrets. In this weekend course we will make observations on plants.

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