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John Wilkes

We invite you to help us take the late John Wilkes’ work for water much further out around the world.

John was a paradigm changer, who shared new insights into the profound character of water and also invented extraordinary technologies to help water support life, out of his deep understanding of dynamic flow in nature.

John was an inspiring teacher to many around the world, and his life was spent helping water in every way he could.  And as we know, water quality is one of the most urgent issues facing our ailing planet.

We honour John’s life work to help water by developing it further around the world.  His aim was to help water support life.  Please help us continue to do this.

About Foundation for Water’s WorkInstitute

Foundation for Water is the UK charity John Wilkes set up in 2008 with the purpose of helping water support life. Wilkes also built a research centre in Emerson College (UK) in 2002, and coordinated significant research design activities there, much of which was voluntary work by qualified scientists, mathematicians and designers supporting his breakthrough insights into water’s dynamic role vital to nature’s health.

HWF building

Worldwide, there is much discussion on how to heal the planet in this time of environmental crisis, and healing water’s poor condition is a major aspect of this challenge.

The task now is to build a professional organisation around legacy of John’s life work, so that the Foundation for Water can respond effectively to the urgent issues facing water worldwide, while developing his work further.

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What is John Wilkes’ legacy regarding water?

It is held in our Five Focus Activities for Water.

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Water projects
Water 2050

All donations will help us continue our unique work for water. Thank you.

5 Year Development Plan:  2011 – 2015 in three stages

We need to build an strong organization around the legacy of John’s insights and innovations. Only then can we effectively meet the many requests coming to us to help people understand and improve water around the world.  Some existing requests are to help village water in India and mining dams in Chile, run education courses in London and in Bucharest, research stagnant ponds in Canada  and develop new technologies in Holland.

HWI Center EnglandWe completed Stage 1 Development of John’s charity, the Foundation for Water, during 2011 and 2012.

We set up communication systems, developed long term plans, restarted research and education courses and  best of all, purchased the centre John built back in 2002, along with an acre of research land.

To achieve this we raised £65,000 during 2012, and received two long term loans from generous supporters.

 “The work of John Wilkes continues to inspire me today as I uncover further layers of his thinking through my contact with the Foundation for Water. I am grateful to John for opening that door in my consciousness.”

Peter Wilder, Wilder Associates, Urban & Environmental Design, London

Now we want to complete Stage 2 Development in 2013

To take this second step we need £90,000 by the end of July this year.

We will use the money to establish a working organisation, with regular staff members.

We invite you to help raise this amount and thereby become part of John Wilkes’ work for water.

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With Stage 2 Development we will create an operational organization, the next step to becoming financially self-sustaining by the end of 2015 through our existing activities, each of which can attract income to enable further development

Our Five Focus Activities for Water

  1. EDUCATION: share a profound understanding of water and its vital importance to nature
  2. RESEARCH: conduct research into nature’s effective ways of creating  good water quality
  3. TECHNOLOGY: develop eco-technologies to restore good water quality, using nature’s methods
  4. WATER PROJECTS: with associates, install sustainable water projects worldwide as examples
  5. WATER 2050: challenge humanity to return our planet’s water back to its 1950 quality by 2050,  through the creation of a comprehensive interactive ‘world water website’ and action network

Our resolve is to build international working capacity in all five areas and be a self-funding professional organisation through these activities, with active colleagues worldwide.

John Wilkes had many supporters and colleagues worldwide who helped him achieve a remarkable amount over 40 years.

Now is the time to create a scaled up organisation around his legacy to help water where ever we can.

We need funding urgently to take the Foundation for Water to the next level of effectiveness.

We will use the Stage 2 funds to …

  • Scale up activities and develop more income from
    • research programme for 2013 summer
    • education –2013/14 School of Water programme
    • technology –  new fish ladder and municipal water treatment designs
    • water projects –  income from water improvement projects
  • Hire new staff who can help grow their job into full time positions
    • research technician  (half a week, all year)
    • development manager (half a week, all year)
    • Stage 3 Development fundraiser (contract)
  • Maintain operations
    • administrator (2+ days a week)
    • director (2+ days a week)
    • running costs of the operation (minimum)

Click here more detailed information about Stage 2 and Stage 3 Developments.

 “We need new kinds of technologies which express a new ‘water consciousness’ and ways of living in harmony with nature.That is the significance of the work of John Wilkes’ and his international network of co-workers.”

 Gary J. Coates, Professor, Dept of Architecture, Kansas State University

installationTechnology from the heart of nature

The water humanity uses is often poor quality.  So, we add chemicals, and use machinery to filter and oxygenate it.

Why? Because we separate it from nature, which knows how to look after its water.

John Wilkes understood this issue profoundly – and developed practical answers.

The key is to move water through ‘complex dynamic flow’ – as happens in nature. Then it becomes a ‘liquid crystal’, highly oxygenated and vitalized.

John Wilkes invented ‘dynamic flow’ technologies with tremendous potential to improve water quality worldwide. They return water to nature, while it is still being used!

This Flowform technology needs scaling up for high volume situations, and for villages in the developing world.

“As water recycling becomes more important its energetic properties need to be brought within the radar of water providers.  Financial support for Foundation for Water’s work is vital as a contribution to tomorrow’s sustainable world.”

 Richard Thornton Smith BSc PhD, Honorary Research Fellow Leeds University

Many people know something of John’s extraordinary work for the world. If many of us help we can raise the £90,000 by July 30th – and take the next crucial step forward to help water support life.

The Foundation for Water work depends primarily on donations at this stage of it growth and we ask you to help by Donating and also becoming an Ambassador to enthuse other donors to act for water.

 It is the understanding of the essence of life and its underlying physics that will inspire us to design a sustainable future.

The Foundation for Water deserves support to continue their vital work with water over the next decades.”

 Prof. Dr. Gunter Pauli, author of “The Blue Economy”, South Africa


 Please donate help us help water support life

 Thank you!