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Water is our teacher

When we learn to really observe and appreciate water it starts to share its creative secrets with us. 

Water is a mystery to science, operating outside the rules of nature. We are only just beginning to understand its amazing capacities. 

Above all things, water is the creative source of all life in nature. Through water, all living forms come about, not only their substance but even their shapes.


All plants, animals and human beings are botanical and biological water beings. Our blood, lymph, sap, cellular fluids - all are basically water. Indeed, 99% of the molecules in our bodies are water, according to Professor Gerald Pollack. 


Without good quality water on our planet there will eventually be no life possible here. We need to learn how to care for water as if our lives depend on it - for they do. 


Water responding rhythmically

Image by Jeremy Bishop
'We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.'

Jacques Yves Cousteau

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