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Part 13a – The Unique Invention of Flowforms

The Foundation for Water’s mission is simply to ‘help water support life’. Water really needs this help physically as well as energetically, and we have a number of ways of doing this.

But first let us look at some of our history.

The Foundation for Water is actually the continuation of work to help water that was started in 1960 by George Adams and John Wilkes within the Institute of Flow Sciences in Germany.

Their aim was to use a new branch of mathematics, path curve geometry, to design ‘nature intelligence’ surfaces that could increase water’s capacity to support life, after water had flowed over them.

From Adam’s advanced insights into this new field of geometry concerning nature’s forms, (refer the website and with Wilkes’ ability to translate these formulae into physical shapes, they managed to design extraordinary enlivening lifting surfaces for water.

Sadly, with this pioneering work just getting going, George Adams died in 1963. No-one was able to replace his capacities in this research into the secrets of water’s energy-creating flow.

It was not until 1970, when John Wilkes invented his extraordinary rhythmic Flowform surfaces, that it became possible to intensify design of nature intelligence technology to help increase water’s life supporting capacity, after its capture and abuse by human beings in agriculture, industry and domestic supply.

You know from the preceding emails that water clears and refreshes its physical and energetic quality through its own movements in streams and underground.

When human beings use water in cities, in agriculture and industry we totally separate it off from its natural, self improving movements. It is like taking a happy healthy athlete and placing him or her in a slave camp; under pressure in straight flow channels, loaded with pollutants and hampered by strange electrical frequencies. No wonder such water does not produce strong plants like rain or spring water does!

There is a huge amount that water decision makers do not know, or even worse are perhaps ignoring about this very serious problem.

So, what IS extraordinary about Flowforms?

With our Flowform technology, through their special surface design, water is brought into an oscillating heart-pulsing figure8 flow, with two swirling vortices left and right, allowing water to stream repeatedly from side to side over sensitive surfaces in a relatively small space.

Indeed Flowforms were called ‘superstreams’ by Teddy Goldsmith of the New Ecologist as early as the 1980s, because, in a little area, they intensify the vitally important, natural rejuvenation movements that water makes in nature, to cleanse and refresh itself since time began.

Why are Flowforms so efficient in doing this? A Flowform transforms nature’s longer straight (slightly meandering) stream length, into a repeating left to right streaming flow that dances around in a figure8 pattern, thereby creating very efficient self treatment by the water in much smaller designed spaces. We estimate that one forward metre of Flowforms, using nature’s own methods, recreates up to ten forward metres of natural stream flow.

Knowing that water self-improves its quality through natural flow, we design Flowforms to incorporate all of nature’s flow actions plus the incorporated heart rhythms, which from test indications help refresh and re-harmonise water even more.

After all, as we have discussed, rhythm means life, and life needs rhythm. Rhythms in nature are not just the result of some organic pumping action, but rather it is the metamorphic rhythmic flow that creates living form. Research is indicating that indeed it is the rhythms active in nature that are creating the life, not the other way around.

Remembering what we have learned concerning rhythm as a life power, (for instance in life creation in embryology) this heart pulse flow created by the special shape of Flowform surfaces, appears to be a further level of nature intelligence to help increase water’s inherent power to support life.

Indeed, if we entertain the concept that nature IS intelligent, then we can consider that the heart with its fascinating rhythmical heart pulse and figure8 flows has been ‘invented’ by Nature itself, so that more complicated living organisms can actually maintain life.

Simpler creatures like insects do not have hearts, even though there is a rhythmic flow of liquid in them. Even tree sap apparently moves with a slow pulse. Rhythms intensify life processes. Just put your finger on your pulse to check this fact.

No-one has been able to see these regular pulsing heart rhythms in the open until Wilkes’ fascinating artistic technology was invented! (That is, except for open heart surgeons…)

It is only in the Flowform vessels we see this wonderful pulsing flow, streaming with its deeply calming and reassuring rhythms.

They are nature-intelligence surfaces designed from nature’s own methods of highly successful water quality improvement, with the added intensification of nature’s figure8 flow and heart rhythms added.

And so, this is what makes Flowform water resonance technology so unique and of such great potential. It is bio-mimickry of the highest order, working closely with nature’s wisdom.

From the time of its invention, nearly 40 years ago, because of his deep understanding of nature Wilkes conceived that Flowforms could lift water into a higher realm of life intensification.

Over the years our bootstring-funded research plus project observations are building up convincing support to this hypothesis.

Flowform design operates out of a new paradigm, truly applying nature intelligence to human eco-technology to help heal water, the most vital element in the world and within us.

The Foundation for Water is also working on other new nature intelligence inventions as well as Flowforms. Water is in desperate need of such help, as we have seen. It is so easy for we humans to forget that we are part of nature. Part of this heritage means that we can access nature’s wisdom within our own intelligence, if we can make our thinking nature-harmonic and non-intellectual.

So, I have tried to explain why Flowforms and the Foundation for Water’s methods hold a key to healing nature in these times when we place such a great burden on water through our abysmal global water management.

The next and last email will arrive in three days. Again thank you for your interest, and if you have enjoyed these emails please let your friends know about them.

warm regards

Iain Trousdell Co-Founder and Keynote Speaker Foundation for Water

Copyright: All information is copyright to the Foundation for Water. This information cannot be used for any purpose commercial or non commercial without prior permission of its author. This email however can be passed on to others but must contain the whole message in its entirety.


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