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What is water's essence?
Over many years, our research has focused on how water’s life-supporting capacity can be increased. And how this can be described and shown in different scientific ways.  
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Since the early 1960s, our group carried out a lot of research into water, now summarised in our book Energizing Water, published in 2011 by the Foundation for Water, which was founded to carry on and expand this sort of work.  


There were two main research strands: that of scientifically controlled, plant growth responses to different waters and also the direct testing of water using subtle energy research methods such as chromatography, crystallisation and the Schwenk water drop method.   


In 2015 through to 2021 we embarked on a major research project generously funded by the Software AG Stiftung  in Darmstadt and by private donors.  Our aim to was find a strictly scientifically acceptable way of measuring energy changes in water, to see if various types of dynamic flow could improve the quality of water itself. Water quality is usually measured by what it is carrying, but this is actually not the water. We wanted to know how water itself changed in its essential character, to the extent we could.  

After working with various international scientists, we chose to work with Benny Johannson PhD of Akloma Institute in Sweden, applying his infrared imaging method to measure water's quantum coherence with universal energy.  The outcome of several years' work was that we proved smooth figure8 heart-rhythm flow significantly increased very high-grade energy in water.  As a result, our research paper was peer-reviewed and published in January 2021 in the science journal WATER by its editor-in-chief Prof G Pollack of the University of Washington. 

In this age, when energies are the basis for our power and communication systems, it is extraordinary how little work is done on subtle energies operating in nature!  This is our expertise, as is the formative influence of water on growth processes in nature. We look forward to expanding on this long history such research. 

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99% of the molecules in the bodies of people, animals and plants are water. The quality of the water we drink is very important for good health. 

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Water quality is far more than keeping it clean. It is also creating  high oxygen, high energy water with a balanced pH which can positively influence all living things all around it.

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Understanding water's role in nature is fundamental to being able to appreciate it. Water is basically our mother; through it we are formed, and in it we live.

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The Foundation for Water is continuing the work started by John Wilkes (1930 - 2011) to find new ways of helping water support life on our planet. We welcome your support...

The Mathematics of Form

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In the early 1960s George Adams took up the challenge to transfer the natural energy renewal power of spiral flow in streams over into a technology. He knew that nature is filled with spiral forms and so his aim was to create 'flow surfaces' which could impart special energies to spiralling water that flowed over those surfaces.   

To do this, he turned to advanced projective geometry, especially 'path curve' geometry which is found in creative places in nature, such as eggs and plant buds. And he invited John Wilkes to act as his craftsman making the physical surfaces, as John could understand the mathematics alongside George's genius. 


This work began in 1961 at the Institute for Flowing Sciences in Germany ( in connection with Theodor Schwenk, who was developing research methods to assess water quality.  George Adams died in 1963 and the innovative flow surface design stopped at that stage.  (We have the 60 year old prototypes in the 'water buildings' archives.) 

John Wilkes continued researching water flow patterns and their influences in nature's forms through the study of metamorphosis and in 1970 restarted aspects of the work George and he has done a decade before.  And it was then that he discovered the specific flow surface which brings water in the figure8 , heart-rhythm streaming flow, the flow surface technology that he called Flowform™.


The Foundation for Water plans to bring more such mathematical innovative prototype development to its portfolio of projects.  


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