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Part 11 – Water, Maintaining Life

As well as water helping create the living bodies of all creatures and plants through its rhythmical forming and the reception of intelligent information, it also has a metabolic function of dissolving and carrying nutrients throughout nature.

Therefore, water transports many nutrients to all living things to drink, both in the seas and through fresh water flow on the land.

As well as all the other vitally important capacities we have looked at, water also acts as the conveyor of nutrients within living nature, within plants, animals and human beings.

While it is not categorized as a food, high quality water is a definite supporter of our bodies (beyond just wetting it internally), with up to 84 of the 103 known minerals and organic nutrients in nature able to be dissolved in it.

It is known that folk like the traditional Hunza people of northern Pakistan and the mountain folk of the Andes attributed their amazing health and longevity, at least in part, to their local glacial water that carried in it enriched colloidal mineral nutrients thoroughly dissolved in it.

Water like this quenches a thirst far more quickly than water weak in mineral content.

This is why spring and glacial water is known to support life so well, with its wide range of enriched nutrients well aged within it.

Human beings, as well as all other living things, need supporting minerals, trace elements and microscopic foods and these can be introduced to our bodies through the water we drink, not just through the solid foods we eat.

Many of these nutrients break down quickly in our bodies and, for best health, need replacing, some on a daily basis. Of course, solid foods grown in organically enriched soils provide many of these.

As we know the quality of our food is a major issue worldwide, and this is the main issue. Growing food fed by synthesized fertilizers does not use nature’s own wise organic methods, the methods our bodies have been used to for millennia, if not for millions of years.

Everywhere there is the medical evidence of epidemic constitutional illnesses, where bodies break down in a way they never did when farming was based on nature’s intelligence.

Organic and Biodynamic farming copy and enhance nature’s method in supplying enriching nutrients, they do not replace nature with an industrial man made system that inevitably will fall short because of our insufficient thinking capacity.

It is worth noting that irrigation water usage for Biodynamic farms is half that of farms fertilized with super phosphates. Why? Primarily because organically enriched soil hangs onto a and uses water more efficiently.

In a time of reducing usable fresh water, this fact will become more and more important.

I do encourage you to buy the DVD How To Save The World, for just a few dollars. It is a fascinating film about renewing dying soils and its inspiring effects on rural communities in India. The movie has just been accepted into the prestigious 2007 Jackson Hole Film Festival. Just go to the website

That aside, water is also the base element for foods’ chemical transformation into energy within living things, and is the main substance within all living cells, the blood, the spinal fluid, lymph and indeed all bodily fluids.

Water, in its internal flowing as blood and lymph, maintains and replaces tired and old cells, with every molecule of your body being replaced every seven years, even the bones and teeth. And yet, our shapes stay more or less the same, even though every particle of matter has been swept away by watery fluids working within us.

While new aspects of this are being discovered, scientists remain amazed at the sensitive and powerful way that cells communicate with each other right across a living body so that health renewal is maintained.

Certain organic substances called glyconutrients are needed for this effective communication, and yes, water well hydrated within cell walls is central to this effective communication.

As we grow older and possibly drink less good quality water, the intra-cellular water dries out. Good quality water, rejuvenated and enriched, moves through cell walls more easily and hence it is vital that sufficient pure water is drunk to maintain nice expanded watery cells.

In these last four articles (numbers seven, eight, nine and ten) we have seen that water can receive, carrying and share information, that it can be expressively creative with the most beautiful and sensitive living shapes and rhythms and that it can also build up and renew living bodies both within and throughout nature.

Realizing this, it is only a small step to wonder if, in a way, water might think, feel and will, that it might have a sort of spread out nervous system in its molecular resonance, a rhythmic system that can forms life and a metabolism that enriches and sustains all living things that nature creates.

Of course, it is ‘nature’ that is carrying out these amazing activities through water. It is the wisdom of nature, that we are really only just beginning to understand on its own terms, that is working through water so intelligently and beautifully.

Water has had capacities like this from the beginning of time. Should it be a surprise to find that we humans have a similar threefold physiology, made as we are primarily of water?

This is not such a far-fetched idea, remembering that water has been around since the start of the known universe far beyond even our galaxy, and is in all places where life is.

Maybe water is the ‘missing link’, maybe water is somehow the original template for the human being, and we, plus all creation, have been formed and molded originally somehow out of water?

Next article, the 12th of 13, we will look at the future and what humanity has to do to care for fresh sweet running water, that precious 0.1% of the earth’s total water supply.

Best wishes

Iain Trousdell Co-Founder and Keynote Speaker Foundation for Water

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