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Part 7 – Water, Living Information

Water is more than just a wet liquid! It is also a fabulously sensitive medium for information exchange.

We know that cells within every living body communicate with each other, through frequency exchanges that have biochemical effects. This is one of the most important ways that a body stays alive and healthy.

There is an intelligence operating throughout each body that is running things in a way even our brightest research doctors do not understand.

Actually, radiating energy frequencies emanate from all matter,even inert elements, and it is also accepted that this is a type of information. For instance, silicon’s special capacity with this is used as the basis of organising computing information.

Research in the last two decades supports the idea that water registers precise molecular information about the world around it, and that is extremely sensitive to these frequencies coming into it.

It also appears that water remembers, or stores this information, and that it can transport this into new environments when it travels through various water cycles.

Also, some of this information is healthy and some harmful for living organisms.

This partly depends on where the information comes from; living nature or man-made inventions based on dead thinking?

And water can wipe out previous molecular energy information and start afresh, starting anew in the present moment to receive the latest upgrade, so to speak.

So, in a sense we can say that water appears to have a type of thinking capacity within itself as a freely moving liquid without a nervous system needing to be formed.

At the very least it has a capacity ‘to know’, and to communicate what it knows. And to forget in order to be updated.

Whatever is creating nature, with all its amazingly sensitive inter-active wisdom, organises itself primarily through water, enabling its creative information it to pass into living things at a molecular level.

This may seem ‘way out’, but we just need to remember that for 100 years we have had a science of physics that says all matter is actually energy, condensed energy. And that all things vibrate at different frequencies at a molecular level.

The idea that frequencies transmit information is not strange, as our own human speech is considered as frequencies that our mind recreates into intelligent information. It is also how television and cellphones transmit sounds and pictures through digital wireless frequencies.

Some frequencies have been created by nature since time began and others, humans have created very recently. These do not always harmonise together.

So we need to remember that our electronic and chemical pollutants are also affecting water as it moves about the planet. And these also create information at a cellular level as frequencies that do not always help life processes.

So, lets take a closer look at water with regard to resonant energy frequencies as information.

Again, water is unusual regarding this.

Now, let’s first get the word meanings clearer.

Frequencies are energy waves that travel through space; far away, near us and in us.

Natural frequencies primarily resonate or vibrate harmonically. Some frequencies, especially quickly changing or oscillating ones can be dissonant, or out of tune with living tissue.

Any energy waves can be translated into creative information, (like we hear and understand voices) and indeed it appears that this is happening all the time in nature from all things.

Quite what is done with this information we do not know, but we know it is there. Possibly this is a language.

Now, it appears that water responds to subtle events even far out in the cosmos and that it is a far more sensitive medium for reception than scientists have thought.

Water has been noticed reacting unexpectedly in experiments to cosmic influences, such as sun spot explosions or changes in the earth’s magnetic field, even when the water is in deep underground laboratories.

It is also known that water receives cosmic radiation as extreme low frequencies everywhere, even deep down five kilometres below the sea, creating resonances or vibrations that are healing and healthy for nature since the world began.

We can therefore say the moon, the sun and even the stars communicate with water, and our earth itself is retuning its resonances constantly to this influx.

How does water manage this communication?

Water molecules group together in vast numbers of unusually long ‘cluster structures’, and these can vibrate like a musical instrument receiving and giving off a wide variety of differing frequencies.

These signal exchanges create innumerable combinations open to immense information collection. Many researchers are convinced that even a small amount of water has enough cluster structures available to absorb whole libraries of information.

It is not surprising therefore, that latest generation computer robotic research is investigating water’s capacity to order and transmit information, as an improvement to silicon.

The so-called ‘memory of water’ is also being debated vigorously in scientific circles.

In several laboratories around the world, it has been found that water can store information about substances that were once in it but that have physically disappeared. It is interesting to note that this research is not homeopathic oriented, which has of course worked on this basis for over centuries.

This apparent memory of water involves both health giving natural frequencies and harmful polluting frequencies.

Even when the water has been purified it retains the frequencies of the various elements that were in it and this message continues to be shared with its environment.

So, there is more than chemical pollution. There is also an energy pollution it appears.

A chemist may say the water has no cadmium or cyanide in it any more but the water itself still has an internal molecular structure that vibrates that dangerous message.

There is so much for us to learn, and it is very exciting that now material science is entering the study of energy in water, after refusing for so many years to accept scientifically that any life force existed.

The work of our Foundation for Water is to help water support life better.

It is exciting after 35 years we now have a voice that is being heard.

More on water’s living information keeping refreshed next email!

Best wishes

Iain Trousdell

Co-Founder and Keynote Speaker Foundation for Water

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