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Part 10 – Water and the Creation of Life

To summarize so far, we have read about water behaving differently to other liquids in ways that makes life on earth possible, how it moves through various water cycles and going further afield, how it is found throughout the known universe.

We also considered that if we transform our thinking to be life centered in way water is, then humanity can more easily learn how to create life-friendly inventions.

This may seem a strange idea but I do consider this is our main problem; the thinking that created the technology that created the pollution. Change the thinking and we will get ahead fastest of all.

We have also learned about water’s ability to receive, to remember and to transport information and energy. Water is not just a wet chemical it is also energy, and can be contaminated with both chemical and energetic harmful pollutants.

In our last article we looked at the creative rhythms of water, both as pulse in time, and as symmetrical shapes in space.

Today we will look further at the rhythmic properties of water, its ability to move rhythmically in controlled situations to create all shapes that make up living things.

This may seem complicated but it is an absolutely fundamental fact of great importance about water.

Rhythms occur in water naturally everywhere.

But, in flowing water outside in nature, there are so many wave impulses and fixed resistances affecting it, clear rhythms seldom build up.

However once water is stilled and only one flow impulse works in it, in say a fish tank or a tubular glass vase, then a rhythmic pulse and symmetrical shape is created naturally, out of itself. This is phenomenally important in the creation of new life, in embryology.

A fish, turtle and bird’s egg or the womb become stilled volumes of liquid, with flowing waves creating living shapes within them.

If we consider the heart, we find in the tiny embryo the rhythmical movement of the fluid starts early, so early that even the heart itself is not yet created.

From what I have found out, this pulsing fluid moves into the place where the heart will be and forms around itself the actual organ, which then continues with the rhythmical beat that actually appears to have been there first!

The heart itself is created by embryonic liquid flow held in the womb, and this liquid flow has its own minute rhythms pulsing steadily before the heart even exists.

It is not so that the heart is simply a biological pump similar to a mechanical machine. We need to think differently here.

It appears that the heart may have three areas, one smaller one operating with a vacuum, pulling the blood uphill.

The heart possibly works to maintain steady rhythms, rhythms that have an intelligent life activity inherent in them.

It is difficult to understand how a heart, without a rest, can possibly mechanically pump for 90+ years pushing blood corpuscles through 40,000 kilometers of half-uphill tubing, most of which is so thin the corpuscles line up one by one.

The fluid dynamic braking pressure of this is enormous, yet is supposedly done by a little muscle that never rests.

Something else must be at work, some secret in nature that we do not yet properly understand. But I am sure it has something to do with water’s amazing rhythmic capacity to incorporate nature’s energy and intelligence deep within it.

It appears that nature has evolved the heart system in more complicated organisms like animals and human beings in order to intensify necessary life supporting rhythms. Simpler organisms in the evolutionary scale like insects have pulsing rhythms within their bodies but no heart.

Research design by the Foundation for Water has even created a small regular pulsing water-heart operating simply from the flow of the water into this self-skinned beating waterdrop. No pumping, just rhythmic responses from water.

Organs and bones develop out of liquid movement in embryos and harden later to form solid matter, but actually they were created out of intelligent liquid flow.

Chicks in eggs are created within a liquid world where rhythmic waves bounce from the perfect curved wall surfaces to form the living shapes of these lovely little creature. Warmth, nutrients, energy waves and nature’s frequency wisdom all working together.

Water not only maintains life; it also creates the very forms we see alive in all physical living beings.

The life work of Theodor Schwenk, co-founder of the Institute for Flow Sciences in Germany, has focused on showing the rhythmical nature of flowing movement. developing methods to show a wonderland of creativity within water movement.

His experimental methods isolate single rhythms in water tanks to create shapes of movement that are just like plants, insects, jellyfish and octopus, plus human organs like the larynx, the heart and many bones.

The amazing thing is that nature’s wisdom uses this rhythmical movement to somehow miraculously create living forms, with life and consciousness added.

It is surely high time we learned more about this from the master of life itself, Nature.

And to do this we need to think like nature and be more respectful of its stupendous ability and power.

One thing of grave concern however is that when polluted water is used in these sensitive experiments, the water does not move freely and the sort of shapes we rely on for our bodies, do not occur.

So pollution not only affects the freshness of water and the chemical health of water, but also may effect the healthy creation of the living shapes we inhabit, our bodies. This includes the plants we grow and the animals we breed.

The importance of having clean water with nature’s energy resonance is vitally important for all aspects of our lives from the very start in the womb, throughout our entire lifespan.

Now we have had a glimpse of how life is created, next time we will look at water as the fluid all life forms love to drink, the maintainer of life.

Best wishes Iain Trousdell Co-Founder and Keynote Speaker Foundation for Water

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