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Part 6 – Water, Throughout the Universe

Last email, we talked about thinking needing to be more in tune with nature, so we can invent technologies that are in harmony with nature.

In a manner of speaking, we need living water-thinking instead of dead rock-thinking.

If we learn a more living thinking from nature then our inventions will be like nature, alive and harmonic!

And we can learn this by living into water’s way of being.

So, let us take another step in learning about water and its place in our planet and even beyond our planet.

In 1998, a meteorite crashed to earth near the town of Monahan, Texas, leaving a fiery trail through the sky. The scientists working for NASA who examined it were incredulous to find evidence of water inside this rock from outer space! This incredible news spread rapidly through scientific circles.

Other elements in the meteorite showed it to have a most ancient pedigree, from before the formation of our solar system. Using present science’s time frames, this meant that the water in the rock was possibly over 4.5 billion years old!

In the last few years with greatly increased technology, astronomers have found evidence of water on the Moon, on Mars and on Europa, a moon of Jupiter.

Water vapours has even been found on the Sun as well. This may come as a great surprise to us, until we consider that the humble candle flame creates water! Place a large glass beaker around a burning candle, leaving some air flow in and see what condenses there once cooled!

Also separately, the whole action of lightening is something that appears to need the vapourizing process of water in the upper atmosphere, returning into liquid droplets while releasing vast electrical energies. The mechanical concept of cloud friction causing lightening bolts does not work.

Water molecules have also been found millions of light years away in inter-stellar space, these vast reaches making up most of what we call ‘outer space’.

Vast cosmic clouds of water vapor have been discovered moving in geometric paths around black holes near the apparent center of the universe, while comets with their shining tails hundreds of thousands of miles long are made primarily from water in the form of ice and gas.

Research in the last few decades have shown that there is a continuous bombarding of our earth’s atmosphere by snowball-like comets of about 10 meters width, pouring in from the Oort Cloud, a vast 5 billion year old plate of icey comets surrounding the far edge of our solar system.

William Marks, in his fascinating book The Holy Order of Water (Bellpond Books, 2001), tells us these ice comets are crashing into our upper atmosphere at the rate of about 20 every minute! They melt into vapour and dust and seed our planet with fresh water all the time.

This water, far above the lives we play out here on earth, may have been the very seeding of life in nature long long ago. And we humans have arisen from this water, with our bodies mostly water, as we know so well.

In the next articles introducing you to the fullness of water, we can consider a few thoughts about water’s ability to create the very forms of living bodies, how water can communicate information vital to life and how it maintains this life through the supply of vital nutrients.

Yes, from this it appears that water has its own essential physiology.

It has a breathing pulsing rhythmic system, a nervous system based on storing information frequencies and also an enriching metabolism that maintains health and function throughout nature.

These are the three main bodily activities of any living creature.

Everywhere that water flows on and in and around our planet,it is carrying out these three complete activities all at once, enabling nature to be the living marvel that it is.

We human beings are the inventions of nature with her creation kit; water, above all water, mixed with warmth, light, air and nutrients.

So maybe, applying some creative ‘watery-thinking’, asking a poetic yet also scientific question, is water possibly the original human being?

And are we the latest development on an ancient theme?

Best wishes

Iain Trousdell Co-Founder and Keynote Speaker Foundation for Water

Copyright: All information is copyright the ‘Foundation for Water’. This information cannot be used for any purpose commercial or non commercial without prior permission of its author. This email however can be passed on to others but must contain the whole message in its entirety.


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