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Part 8 – Water, Flowing with Time

Let us further consider the living information that water carries with it, wherever it goes, keeping up with nature’s changing cosmic and local frequency messages. Water continues to collect this sensitive and changing information as time forever moves on.

In the last article we found water can carry huge amounts of information, radiating from surprisingly long and numerous molecular ‘cluster structures’ as many different vibrating energy frequencies.

This energy information appears to be creative instructions for cellular health and operation. The effects appear to depend on the harmonic resonance of the vibrating frequency. If the frequency is ‘out of tune’ with the organism then healthy responses are unlikely.

We have heard that every element and mineral gives off its own frequency signature, and that water, incredibly sensitive to these frequencies, collects them, whether from far distant cosmic radiations, from local environments or from chemicals within itself.

Recent research by some scientists indicates that pollutants in water give off their own messages with water picking these up, retaining them even after the water has been purified physically.

It appears that water samples that are chemically the same, can have quite different frequencies emanating from them.

So, all highly receptive water clusters send out frequency signals indicating their harmonic or dissonant condition, depending on what has influenced them.

What we are talking about here is the life supporting capacity of water.

As soon as the water comes into contact with harmful substances such as cadmium, lead or cyanide, the resonance properties of the water change. A completely new signal is created, since each harmful substance has its own range of frequencies.

For example, research has long shown that man-made digital frequencies, such as micro-waves and ‘extreme low frequencies’ (ELF), reduce water’s capacity to sustain growth or health in plants and other living organisms.

So water appears not only to contain positive and healing signals arising from its interplay with nature, but also unhelpful messages from harmful materials usually introduced from humanity’s modern technology and wastes.

Obviously this becomes a concern when water is polluted with energy frequencies that do not harmonise with nature, for disordered water tends to reduce health in living organisms while harmonic water increases health.

Because there are now indications that water remembers these messages many people are concerned how water can replace these unhealthy instructions with frequencies that help water support life.

Since time began, water refreshed by moving through nature’s great water cycle became healthy water. Of course.

Nature knows what it is doing.

When our population was small, prior to the start of the industrial revolution in the 1750, water was pristine, pure and health giving.

The problem now is that humanity’s enormous industrial and domestic waste AND our methods of using, moving and storing water is hugely burdening it. This makes it very difficult for water to reorder and refresh itself as it has done so well for long long ages.

In short, nature has known all along how to help water support nature and all life.

Of course, this is the wisdom that influences all of nature, even the amazing creation of new embryos within the liquid world of the womb. This intelligence appears to be carried on the energy waves of the resonance frequencies that we are discussing.

For this reason, many water experts now suggest that water quality should be defined energetically as well as chemically.

It appears there are two types of water pollution. One is chemical and physical. We know about this sort. It is the wastes and poisons that get poured into water every day all over the world.

The other type of pollution has long been ignored. It is energetic pollution, understood presently as ‘out of tune’ molecular frequencies that are an antithesis to healthy life.

Both types of pollution affect each other. And both reduce water’s capacity to support life. Both affect water’s ability to form and generate life in nature.

So, how can we assess this energetic, life supporting condition of water?

Using modern spectrographic analysis of frequencies, map-like pictures can be made to assess the harmonic or dissonant resonance of the water’s internal structures. This can indicate the water’s life supporting capacity.

But there are also other methods to gauge the harmonic structure of water and its related capacity to support life.

One is the Waterdrop Method developed by Theodor Schwenk, and another is Fluid Crystallisation developed by Dr Ehrenried Pfeiffer, both in the mid 20th century. Like spectrography, they also present visual images expressing the internal harmonic condition of the water.

Our Foundation for Water also uses several other interesting test methods to understand how we can better help water support life.

Our practice, over 35 years now, has been to design technologies based on nature’s own methods, and then test the effects they have on water’s capacity to support living processes.

Much more research is needed on this. The Foundation for Water’s commitment is to develop this vitally important research further.

As well as understanding the energy frequencies of water and their effects on nature, we also need to know how water has refreshed itself since time began.

How has water got rid of old information stored it?

How has it refreshed itself with new messages?

Research shows that when water runs vigorously through spiralling vortices, or is heated over 400 C, then old frequencies disappear, including those of chemical pollutants that do not harmonise with water’s natural state.

This water is then ready to accept new information, being refreshed up to the present moment for its creative tasks. However, ‘out of tune’ frequencies re-emerge if physical chemical pollution still remains in the water.

So, water moving vigorously through active streams and swirling in deep rivers, or emerging from hot thermal depths is truly refreshed water. It becomes ready to act in a new way, with the latest creative instructions coming into it, so to speak.

Possibly the cosmic frequencies coming into our earth and resonating within our planet are nature’s intelligent life messages keeping up with time; messages that are possibly life itself, working healthily in every plant and creature.

However, in the last hundred years humanity has been creating sub-natural frequencies and it is high time we took this much more seriously, along with the need to erase chemical pollution information from water after physical cleansing has taken place.

I think we will find in time, that nature’s water cycle has other ways of renewing the creative messages of life within water as it travels around our earth.

New technology to refresh water is needed, based on nature’s own vastly intelligent methods.

We have ignored these for too long, avoiding the discussion about intelligent energy while being proud of our own energy technologies that we consider to be so clever, but which are polluting and primitive in comparison to nature’s own.

Mankind has to find technologies based on nature’s wisdom, new systems that can create truly refreshed and strengthened water, both chemically and energetically.

This is the passionate aim of the Foundation for Water.

Best wishes

Iain Trousdell Co-Founder and Keynote Speaker Foundation for Water

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