Our Plan

The task now is to build a professional organisation around legacy of John’s life work, so that the Foundation for Water can respond effectively to the urgent issues facing water worldwide, while developing his work further.

We are doing this in a 5 Year three-stage plan.

  • Stage 1: Completed 2012 – Scale up communication and administration. Hire part-time staff to restart education and research programmes, plan the Foundation’s growth to become self-funding by 2015, and purchase our building with some research land in Sussex, with £65,000 gifts and two generous loans.
  • Stage 2: Started – Fundraise to hire part time staff to develop the Five Focus Activities for Water into full time positions. Buy equipment for research and technology projects, and plan Stage 3 growth.
  • Stage3: Getting Ready Institutional fundraising to hire a CEO and other staff to develop the Foundation internationally so it becomes self supporting through its five focus activities for water.

groupA group to take the work forward.

Over the years many people – such as this science and math’s group in 2007 – have helped John Wilkes’ work but an organisation did not form.

Many people know something of his extraordinary work for the water, but do not know that much of his heritage is yet to be developed.

A strong group is coming together to create an organisation capable of developing the work for water much further, as John himself wished.

The Foundation for Water work depends primarily on donations at this stage and we ask you to Donate and also act as an Ambassador to enthuse other donors to help.