Conduct research into nature’s effective ways of creating  good water quality


Metamorphic flow in water and in plant forms

Our Research partly focuses on testing the effectiveness of the technologies we are developing, with much being achieved quietly over the last 30 years. However what is needed now are fulltime researchers working in the Foundation, able to investigate other aspects of water as well

Some research topics to be worked on further …

  • Metamorphosis – this is a science of the transformative laws of life operating in nature. It underpinned John’s life work and achievements. He developed new ideas on this and left an unfinished manuscript indicating 15 different types of metamorphosis, as laws operating in creation processes. This needs completion, and is the basis for further observational and conceptual research which is essential to the new culture based on ‘flow consciousness’ that is emerging
  • Changes in water that can influence plant growth, microorganisms and animal health from…
    • rhythms operating through water in life processes – this is a woefully underdeveloped area of research and yet clearly rhythm is central to any manifestation of life.  Leonardo da Vinci, Rudolf Steiner and Rudolf Hauschka all researched this phenomena but it needs much more work doing, and especially in relation to liquids in nature.
    • complex dynamic flow, especially when applied to water that has not been able to flow as is the condition of much of the water humanity takes out of nature
    • cosmic and terrestrial energies operating through water at a discernable energetic level
    • different surface materials and designs on the quality of water after flowing over them
Research Methods

Plant growth trial research

Foundation for Water has several subtle energy research methods onsite, originally developed by Lilli Kolisko, Theodor Schwenk, Dr E Pfeiffer, Dr H Koepf, and Dr J Bochemuhl – and as well as conventional research methods.

With a research technician (and more in due course) our supporting group could carry out much needed research into important aspects of water that are little understood presently.

In this age, when energies are  the basis for our power and communication systems, it is extraordinary how little work is done on subtle energies operating in nature!  This is our expertise.

We have a research technician ready to work for us, as well as pledged funding for further science equipment.

Please support us to  fund research for this 2013 summer and into the future.