Develop eco-technologies to restore good water quality, using nature’s methods

It is vital that agriculture  and industry create sustainable systems to produce what is needed. Our group has had a motto for 30 years of ‘Learn from Nature – Design with Nature’, and George Adams, John Wilkes’ mentor, was saying similar things back in the 1930s.

  • Development

    Rhythmic & path curve prototyping of the Archimedean Screw to revitalize water as it lifts.

    Flowform technology– bringing rhythm and ‘complex dynamic flow’ together. John Wilkes is best known for his discovery of the Flowform Principle™ in 1970, and for pioneering many Flowform uses. However, he did many more things than this.  HWF uses Flowform to research the effects of dynamic rhythmic flow on water and then onto nature.  Flowform is being scaled up separately to deliver practical solutions to water quality problems worldwide, and in future years could supply research commissions to HWF.

  • Path curve surface mathematics – created by George Adams’ in the 1930s and developed into water technology in the 1960s with John Wilkes. This opens potential for varied new technologies based on Nature’s own complex design principles which can help agriculture and medicine.
  • Commercial stirring machinery with path curve surfaces has been developed already
  • Liquid spreading pump prototypes with path curve surfaces have also been designed
  • Fishpass (Fishladders) – Foundation for Water has considerable technical and intuitive experience in designing surfaces for rhythmical and complex dynamic flow. Preliminary research indicates we could develop Fishpass designs further for specific situations in need in Europe and North America. This also relates to aquaculture systems that do not take into account the need for dynamic flowing water for the fishes’ health.

These are only some of the eco-technology projects John Wilkes and his associates have been involved in. Our aim is to develop these to help water but at the same time develop further income for Foundation for Water as a means of becoming self supporting in its task to help water support life.

Please help us to develop further the extraordinary biomimetic technologies to help water that have resulted from the innovative genius of both George Adams and John Wilkes.