Water 2050

Challenge humanity to return our planet’s water back to its 1950 quality by 2050, through the creation of a comprehensive interactive ‘world water website’ bringing together an action network, during 2014.

There is no single website in the web that pulls together all water issues and activities in one place.

We own the main domains for Water2050, and will set up a website with social media and Google search engine attached, so all groups who are helping water can have their own page, and people around the world can find what is going to help water locally and far away – and know who to contact to help.

We will also feature our planned ‘ WaterTalks’ videos, in the similar vein to TedTalks, where individuals are invited to talk for ten minutes about an aspect of water.

There will be water environment examples – glaciers, artesian reservoirs, springs, streams, lakes, rivers, deltas, gulfs, reefs and seas – whose condition will be shown for each decade since 1950.

Water 2050

Full earth rise photo by Japanese Space Agency

Ways of assessing water quality, including energetic quality, will be provided and the challenge will be set to get as much as we can back to 1950 standards as soon as possible.

It may seem an impossible task – but there are some places where it has happened already. And something needs doing amongst millions of people worldwide or else ‘global water quality collapse will become a greater issue than any other we face.

If humanity continues the way we have been, scientists tell us the biomass in seas will have collapsed by 2050 – and by the end of the century water will not support life on our planet. And as they say, its the only one we have.

Please help us in our Stage 2 development of Foundation for Water, so we can make the Water2050 website and action network a reality with international help during our Stage3 development in 2014.