Water Projects

With international associates install sustainable water projects as examples.

There are enormous challenges facing water worldwide and Foundation for Water has the capacity to help establish working solutions, combining different bioremediation and biomimetic technology to help water in many different ways.

Water Projects

Water Projects

Requests to help water from around the world came to John and now to us, but unless we put in place a working organization to deal with the many projects that could result, we will not handle them properly. We need to build Foundation for Water into a professional organisation able to manage such tasks effectively.

Some requests for help are

  • farm effluent transformation into liquid fertiliser in New Zealand
  • improving water for sustainable agricultural methods in Canada
  • stagnant pond revitalization in Asia, to overcome mosquitoes and improve irrigation
  • Indian village water treatment in association with a development charity in India
  • mining dam water quality improvement in Chile

A development manager would be able to manage and find funds for these projects, building expert teams from our independent associates. We would establish a wholly owned company belonging to Foundation for Water, which could Gift Aid profits back to the Foundation.

Please help us to take on a part time development manager who would develop the job into a fulltime position, while also helping raise the profile of the entire Foundation.