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Help water support life

Without good quality water in the future there will be no nature and no community.

We research the essence of water, how it gives form and life to everything living

in nature


We research and develop technologies which help water support life.

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We provide experiences  leading to deeper appreciation of water's role in nature.

Image by Jeremy Bishop
'Water is the principle of all things. Everything originates from water, and into water all things shall return again.' 
Thales of Miletus (BC 623 - 545)

Water technologies

We have focused on flow surface technologies which bring water into a dynamic flow, thereby returning stagnant water to its proper high quality using nature's own best methods. 

We have an interest in any sustainable eco- technologies which also help water recover its original dynamic and life-supporting state.

Image by Silas Baisch
Image by Anders Ipsen

Our Research

We have applied several scientific paradigms to our research, including measuring plant responses to water qualities,  quantum coherent research using mathematical analysis of Infrared Imaging of water quality response to flow technology and also trained observation of interactions between water and natural environments.

Become a Supporter

The Foundation for Water is continuing the work started by John Wilkes (1930 - 2011) to apply effective ways of helping water support life on our planet. We welcome your support...

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