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Divine Water Trailer with Subtitles

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The Healing Water Institute, partner organisation of the Foundation, is making a documentary film on vitally important, little understood aspects of water, and at the same time is calling for a new culture that takes water as the paradigm to learn from.

The world’s elements…water, air and earth… are losing their capacity to support life.

This has happened through millions of mostly small actions based on inadequate information about nature’s reality.

It is through millions of small actions that we will have to bring life quality back again to our planet. Every film and story needs a hero. Ours is Water.

Water urgently needs such a powerful compelling film to speak for it. One that tells more than the political and pollution issues, and does more than show a nature documentary.

We need to discover the truth about water’s position as the most creative element in nature.There is so much not generally known about water’s scientific mysteries. If this was really known people and governments would be much more active helping water.

To find out more more and to get involved, please go to


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