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Flowform Water Research 1979

Here we feature our FLOWFORM WATER RESEARCH 1970 – 2007 book in PDF format.  It is divided into six chapters, which can be viewed below.

This book is the result of long dedicated work to understand nature’s living laws and to heal water through rhythm and movement.

We thank all of those who have helped with the Flowform endeavour over the years since John Wilkes’ discovery and invention of the figure8 rhythmic principle in 1970.

We are now in a time when our Foundation for Water group, counted since George Adams and John Wilkes started work together in the 1950s , is being understood and appreciated widely by modern minds.

May this mean that water, and the spirit of water, is helped all the more actively!

  1. Flowform Dairy Shed Effluent Transformation Reports

  2. Flowform Water Research eBook

  3. Recent Flowform Oxygenation Testing (PDF – 144KB)

  4. Flowform Stirring of Biodynamic Preparations (PDF – 2.61MB)

To view the PDF files you must have Adobe Reader installed. If you do now currently have it installed, you can go here to install it

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