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Where does Form come from?

The articles here from our colleague Nick Thomas, provide explanations of Projective Geometry and other branches of geometrical insight which are important in finding answers to the question ‘Where does Form come from?’

Form is not only understandable from the point of view of its physical ‘building blocks’ but also from an energetic informational or quantum view point. Indeed, after seven years all the ‘matter’ in animals and human beings has been washed away internally and passed back into nature, yet the form itself remains recognizably the same thing.

The Mathematics you will acquaint yourself with below, develops clear thinking insights into formative forces that appear to arise out of energetic information fields.

An aspect of the eco-technology design work of our Foundation for Water is focused on creating specific surfaces that reintroduce water to these energetic/quantum formative forces via the specific geometry of those surfaces.

Our recent Flowform Cowhorn model has been designed out of the Projective Geometry inherent in the horns of cows and the spirals of water. This project has been a collaboration between John Wilkes, Nick Thomas and Nick Weidmann, renewing the Path Curve design tradition started by George Adams with Wilkes in the 1960s.

  1. Polyhedral Projections by John Wilkes (PDF – 1.4MB)

  2. Path Curve Flowform Design

  3. Towards a New Paradigm of Science

  4. Introduction to Path Curve Geometry (PDF – 969KB)

  5. Polarity in Tetrahedral Complexes (PDF- 1.27MB)

  6. Centrifugal Pump Based on Path Curves (PDF – 383KB)

  7. Pivot Transforms (PDF- 420KB)

  8. Pivot Transforms 1 / ‘Tangent Planes to Surfaces’ 

  9. Pivot Transforms 2 / ‘Bisection Method’

  10. Pivot Transforms 3 / ‘Construction of Pivot Transforms’

  11. Pivot Transform Diagrams

  12. Practical Path Curve Calculations

  13. How Space and Counterspace interact to produce Path Curves (PDF- 774KB)


To view the PDF files you must have Adobe Reader installed. If you do now currently have it installed, you can go here to install it

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